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Some thoughts for thriving

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Sometimes a simple reminder, a new tip, or a fresh perspective provides the nudge you need to get unstuck. For a decade, I’ve published Thrive Potential’s blog to share insights, struggles, and successes to help professionals thrive at work and in life. From topical to timeless, these posts aim to affirm and inform, while being concise and engaging.

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Thriving WITHIN

The Great Gray

  What’s your favorite color?   Is it gray?   Probably not. After all, gray can convey the absence of cheer. It’s also the color

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Thriving at WORK

The Magic of Working Together

  Remember that time you instantly “clicked” with a new acquaintance? Or watched a group of kids come together to play, their individual freneticism glomming

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Struggling to Thrive?

A lot of the challenges that make work and life difficult are caused by factors beyond our control. But not all of them. Sometimes, in our rush for results and focus on fabulosity, we end up making things harder than they need to be.

I put together this simple quiz to provide a quick reality check and some actionable ideas to help you thrive. Check it out.