I can make a change and set a plan for myself and all my answers are in me.”

Whether you are preparing for your dream job, struggling with a current situation or developing the next version of you, coaching offers a unique opportunity to shift perspective, gain skills and move forward. Coaching helps achieve your goals by:

  • Clarifying and supporting what you want to achieve.
  • Focusing on your abilities.
  • Encouraging self discovery.
  • Eliciting solutions and strategies.
  • Holding you responsible and accountable.


Whether inspiring change or supporting daily excellence, Thrive Potential one-to-one coaching includes:

  • DISC behavior, motivation and emotional intelligence assessments.
  • Leadership development for succession planning and career advancement.
  • Support and accountability for performance improvement processes.
  • Communication skills to improve team performance.
  • Encouragement and empowerment for ongoing growth.

I offer coaching pathways in three-month, six-month and yearly increments. We can hold our conversations on the phone, via Skype or in-person.



There are lots of coaches for you to choose from. To make sure your coaching is as effective as possible, pick a coach who is qualified and with whom you feel comfortable. As the founder of Thrive Potential and a Professional Certified Coach, I:

    • Uphold the strategic and ethical standards of the International Coach Federation
    • Listen and ask thoughtful questions to encourage others to find answers
    • Offer a professional mindset gained from frontline to C-suite experience.
    • Come from a place of caring and curiosity.
    • Provide objective feedback, accountability and encouragement to help you thrive.
    • Pursue opportunities to reflect on and continually grow my skills.
    • Support the development of emerging coaches.



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