Client Testimonials

Miranda has a unique ability to instantly make you feel comfortable, generating a welcoming environment that’s ideal for growth.” -Social Psychologist, Author
I’m so grateful that I invested in myself and engaged Miranda for business coaching. Her innate ability to relate to me and my issues made me feel safe, comfortable and open which resulted in quick positive outcomes to grow my business by getting out of my own way. THANK YOU Miranda for allowing me to Thrive!” -Business Owner
Working with Miranda was the push I needed to move my academic and professional career to the next level. After identifying a goal in the Step Forward Leadership Program, I was able to work closely with Miranda to make that goal, and more, become realities. As a coach, Miranda was a person to whom I was accountable, which was an important step in motivating me to continue working and make measurable progress. She was also the person who told me that it was ok to try and sometimes fail, or that adjustments are often necessary when working toward big goals. Without Miranda’s coaching, I would probably still be dragging my feet to start big projects and lacking confidence to take on more leadership roles within my department. Thanks!” -Interpreter
Miranda’s ability to understand me personally as well as my professional strengths and weaknesses is what makes her so effective in her role. Miranda does not come with preconceived notions, but asks a lot of questions and constantly learns about me and my situation and then reacts.” -Sales Executive
Miranda is a creative and analytic executive coach who has an uncanny ability to cut to the core of an issue and facilitate problem solving that is unique to the culture of the leader and the organization. She holds clients accountable for development and action and clients in turn learn from her techniques to require the same of their own managers.” -CEO
My time spent with Miranda was very helpful and insightful. She was able to offer the appropriate level of support and also tools to assist me with an organizational change that I was planning to implement. In addition, the process helped me navigate through some career obstacles in a constructive and effective way.” -Non-profit Executive
Working with Miranda was a breakthrough experience. She was supportive, professional and encouraging. The self-discoveries and personal awareness she helped me uncover has already brought much added value to my career and how I choose to move forward.”-Executive Assistant
Working with Miranda helped me re-focus on the mission of my business…working with women entrepreneurs. Miranda brought passion, thoughtfulness, and strength to each coaching session…she asked the hard questions that forced me to think about my business – and myself – in a new light. She offered insights and experience that helped renew my confidence and empowered me to get back on track.”-Business Owner
I had been trying for months to figure out some of the challenges I was experiencing, to no avail. I finally came to terms with the fact that I needed some outside intervention. Miranda was able to help me clearly see my areas of strength and what things were holding me back. I think for myself, like other women, I don’t give myself enough credit for the many things I’m good at! Working with Miranda has given me the insights and tools I needed to continue on my path to discovering my best self and rocking my business!” -Independent Sales Consultant