Retreats & Workshops

I learned that I need to take care of myself—invest in myself.”

Facilitating environments that encourage sharing and collaboration, Thrive Potential workshops and retreats educate, empower and inspire. Whether offered as workforce development, personal growth or team building, I blend approachability and positive encouragement to lead discussions and exercises supported by the latest leadership and communication research.

Thrive Potential retreats and workshops appeal to:

  • Leadership teams
  • Work groups
  • Professional women’s organizations
  • Student leadership groups


All retreat and workshop content is customized for your audience and ranges from one hour to multiple days. Here are some favorites:

  • The Bitch and the Doormat™–Solving the dilemma of aggressive or passive communication
  • Courageous Leadership–The strength of being vulnerable, taking risks and looking forward
  • The “I” in Team–Using DISC assessments to increase our awareness and adapt our behavior
  • Passion and Purpose–Increasing energy and effectiveness by doing what you love
  • Mothers and Daughters–Awareness of self and other to build understanding and support
  • Lead Like a Girl–Celebrating strengths, reframing challenges and empowering growth
  • High EI-chiever–Understanding and raising Emotional Intelligence



Personal and professional development starts with becoming aware of our behaviors, beliefs and desires. Identifying these factors enables us to separate them from those beyond our control, and focus our energy where it best serves us. When we are clear on our personal contributions to realizing who we want to be, we can change them. Whether focusing on skills, feelings or relationships, our progress relies on increasing our awareness.


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