Speaking Engagements

I learned I have the power to change.”

As part of Thrive Potential’s mission to empower others, I deliver presentations related to personal and professional leadership. With an authentic and engaging voice, I share my expertise as a leadership coach, business consultant, communication professor and community leader. With stories about my successes, struggles and screw-ups, I speak from the perspectives of woman, business owner, introvert, scholar, non-conformist and late-bloomer.


The leadership and communication topics I speak on include:

    • Assertive Communication
    • Self-Empowerment Through Internal Storytelling
    • Gender and Communication
    • Rebellious Leadership
    • Professional Passion

My past speaking engagements include:

  • “Thriving as Powerful Leaders,” Start a Revolution Leadership Conference Keynote
  • “Step Up: Increasing Influence through Powerful Communication,” Summit Business Conference
  • “Building Your Future,” Rochester Women’s Network Panel Discussion
  • “Coaching as a Career,” Rochester Career Mentoring Charter School Guest Presentation
  • “Reflective Listening,” College at Brockport Scholars’ Day Presentation
  • “The Gift of ‘Feedforward’,” Omega Institute Teen Camp Group Experience

Please connect with us if you would like to discuss an upcoming speaking opportunity.



At some point in our lives stories became our enemy. We use them to avoid opportunities and undermine our success. When we re-write our internal narrative to one of empowerment we can reframe our fears and assumptions, opening ourselves up to possibility. Consider how you may be getting in your own way. And then move over.

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