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Putting people first
Person-centered workplaces have become a business imperative. Employee burnout, remote work preferences, generational divides, persistent inequity–the cost of unhealthy cultures is too high to ignore.

But, whether you’re a single person or a robust department, changing organizational behavior is a big job. Hiring a fancy consulting firm isn’t an option for most small organizations. Collaborating with an independent expert can be.

From defining cultural expectations to facilitating team retreats, my organizational consulting is driven by defining goals and pursuing them relentlessly with thoughtful, proven approaches. To do that, I blend expertise in organizational systems, interpersonal communication, human behavior, and leadership. Whether teaming with the C-suite, people team, or mid-level managers, my ability to understand your challenges will match my commitment to help you overcome them.
Balancing force and flexibility, I collaborate with small businesses to design strategies, facilitate discussions, and implement solutions that contribute to thriving work lives. Thrive Potential culture building solutions include:

Thriving Together

I can help you:

People-centered organizations are those who recognize that thriving cultures lead to bottom-line results. They foster engagement, support performance success, and care about employee well-being beyond the business case. Those are the companies I work with. If you could use some help building or sustaining the culture you imagine, let me know. I’d love to exchange ideas and offer support.

Struggling to Thrive?

A lot of the challenges that make work and life difficult are caused by factors beyond our control. But not all of them. Sometimes, in our rush for results and focus on fabulosity, we end up making things harder than they need to be.

I put together this simple quiz to provide a quick reality check and some actionable ideas to help you thrive. Check it out.