To Be or Not to Be Powerful

  Power. We commend it in those we admire, and we criticize it in those we attack. We grasp for more when we feel dominated, then we hide what we have when we feel dominating. We root for underdogs and scold power grabbers, yet we also value winners over losers. In other words, we experience Read more

The Fear of Plummeting from a Cloud Forest (and Updating a Website)

Case, fearless on the zip line course   If you share my fear of heights, you know the dizziness of standing next to a wall of windows several stories above ground. Or the gut-punch of finding yourself dangling atop a stalled Ferris wheel. At best, it’s unsettling. At worst, it’s harrowing. Lately, I’ve experienced this Read more

Why I Write


Thank you to Jill Bates and Robin Flannigan for simultaneously inviting me to participate in this blog hop about “why I write”. Part of my eager acceptance to join was the personal appeal of this topic.   Throughout my life, writing has served many purposes: creative outlet in my first grade construction paper projects, essential refuge from the insecurity Read more

Opening Up To Happiness

  What’s the key to happiness? Is it possible that it could be something as uncomfortable as vulnerability? Vulnerability. Thinking of it tends to wipe rather than paint a smile on most faces. But let’s think of some opposites to being vulnerable: being guarded, hiding, masking our true feelings, avoiding realities that often need to Read more

Facing Fear (And Living to Tell About It)

grand piano on stage

“Do one thing every day that scares you,” recommended Eleanor Roosevelt. While this quote has encouraged at least one woman to dive with sharks and swing from a trapeze, it also presents us with the opportunity to do the more mundane things in life without worrying about failure. It is in facing fear that we Read more

Struggling to Thrive?

A lot of the challenges that make work and life difficult are caused by factors beyond our control. But not all of them. Sometimes, in our rush for results and focus on fabulosity, we end up making things harder than they need to be.

I put together this simple quiz to provide a quick reality check and some actionable ideas to help you thrive. Check it out.