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A Sunny Day for Women and Leadership

On the morning after this year’s presidential election, the local forecast was “chilly with clear skies”—an outlook that remains relevant as new or renewed leaders begin their terms. Though possibly divided by our November votes, women can unite in many victories that suggest good things ahead:


Female votes mattered more.
The female vote was the determining factor in who will hold executive office for the next four years. According to the Huffington Post, women’s 18-point gender gap in support of Obama “largely contributed to the president’s reelection.”

A historic number of female senators will hold seats.
An increase of three female senators (from 17 to 20) inches us closer to gender equality in congress. This shift “could prevent anti-female legislation from gaining traction, and provide an important check against Washington men taking over on women’s health and family planning decisions,” asserts Examiner.com’s Michelle Carfaro Stiner.

Representation will increase in the House of Representatives.
Female house members will increase by at least four and as many as six.
Key milestones were achieved at the state level.
New Hampshire will become the first state to have women holding all of its top elected positions. Nebraska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, North Dakota and Wisconsin elected their first women senators.
Women’s issues were a deciding factor
Analysts from both sides of the aisle acknowledge the significance of women’s issues in this year’s presidential election.
Even with these bi-partisan victories, overall female representation in our government remains sadly low. Women hold only 20% of Senate seats and 16.8% in the House, ranking our representation in the legislature 78th in the world, tied with Turkmenistan.
More progress is needed. But the skies are clear and attitudes are warming. 

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